Teenagers and Christmas Presents

Oh my how times have changed as the years have moved on. It’s not really until the big annual events like Christmas and birthdays that you realise that your kids are no longer little kids anymore.

This is more noticeable at Christmas time as it becomes more difficult to find out what our two daughters want for Christmas. Things were so much easier when they were younger. When they were really young you’d just ask what they wanted off Santa or ask while out shopping “Would you like that off Santa” while pointing to a dolls house or some other random toy that suits a 5-year-old!

Then as they got older, they would progress onto the “letter to Santa” whereby you would encourage them to write down the things you had in mind and even help them with spelling it out, would you like me to spell “baby doll” or “scooter” for you…and hope that they didn’t disagree. If they did disagree well tough Santa must not have been able to understand your handwriting – cos we had it bought anyway!!

You better start practising and get your handwriting in shape for next year…

Trouble is now that we have two older daughters aged 12 and 15 that unless we are buying them Instagram, Netflix or YouTube then we have no hope of knowing what they want for Christmas, as that’s where they spend the majority of their time at the moment.

We have done the technology thing as they needed laptops for school and both have Oppo mobile phones already, in fact we are the original Oppo family we all have them and so have our friends and family on our recommendation!

I did think about buying them a Facebook share (Instagram owners) or an Alphabet share (Google / YouTube owners) but with Alphabet / Google at just over US1,000 per share this is a little over the budget and I don’t think they’d fully appreciate it at the moment – although they would probably thank us for it in years to come when a Google share will enable them to afford the front-door handle on a Sydney property.

Sorry girls but this blogging thing doesn’t quite pay enough!!

It can be difficult to find a gift that’s right for a tweenager and a teenager. They’re between being a child and being all grown up, and they’re definitely picky. What happened to just buying teenagers the latest CD

I did suggest to my wife that we buy them a rainwater tank between them. As they spend an incredible amount of time in the bath soaking in Lush bath bombs.

Have Lush bath bombs been the cause of global warming and water shortages in Australia?

So what the hell do you buy teenage daughters, well wifey and I figured if we can’t buy them Instagram or Youtube, so maybe we could buy them what they are interested in on those social media sites.

So with a bit of stealth questioning and over the shoulder glances it’s a now cross between a horse for the eldest – NO WAY, and a puppy for the youngest- also NO WAY.

Eldest might be slightly easier as she is a keen horse-rider so some new horse-riding gear won’t go astray.

As for the younger one well, besides a years supply of Lush bath bombs – sorry we can’t afford the water charges! She is starting to become more aware of make-up, dressing up and fashion so there will be some article of clothing for her – this gives wifey an excuse also to browse through the online fashion sites such as The ICONIC Edition for ideas. I think its just a ploy personally but sure that’s what Christmas is all about the joy is in the giving and not the receiving is what they say.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…must be time for a glass of sherry or something stronger!


No children were hurt during the writing of this article.




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