My Year of Trying To Not Buy Anything – Week 3

My Year of Not Purchasing Anything

This year I decided to take on a personal no buying challenge. I wanted to see if I could buy nothing for an entire year.

So far so good I have not bought anything for myself, I did, however, have to buy some stuff for our newly acquired puppy – more on that later. So not sure if that counts or not as technically it was not for me and plus the dog was sort of my idea.


Have to say though it was quite a nice feeling to recently tag along with my wife and D2 to Westfield and just waltz through it without feeling the urge or need to buy anything…normally I’d head straight to Myer menswear section. But this time I sat outside and was happy to use the free wi-fi provided by Westfield.


Thinking more about this year of not buying anything is probably not the smartest move by a Daddy blogger. As bloggers are generally paid for purchasing or writing about products – so therein lies the problem, if I can’t buy anything I can’t review anything!


So now my year of not purchasing anything may have to become my year of blagging free stuff…hint hint.

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It is a year of not buying stuff but I am still quite happy to acquire Free Stuff and my wife would be more than delighted to see me in new undies and the kids would love to see me in t-shirts that actually fit…this would also get me out of weight losing dog walking duties!!


Speaking of the dog…we acquired our new pup Zabel last Thursday, she is a gorgeous little yellow Labrador pup. We actually got her from the Guide Dogs NSW as we have fostered her for a year as a part of their puppy raising programme – more about that in the next post.

Guide Dogs Assoc NSW
Guide Dogs Assoc NSW


However what I had forgotten about and suppose I should have realised is that puppies are chewers….already one brand new t-shirt – purchased prior to my year of not purchasing, has been slightly chewed (that one did fit me but has since had a small hole chewed in the sleeve and the waist). So now I can proudly wear a t-shirt that does fit properly but looks like it has been moth-eaten…I can already hear the kids shouts of “You can’t go out in that”.


As of yesterday I have also discovered that I am quite handy with a sewing needle as I had to sew a button on a pair of shorts – well they are shorts now they did start out as pants but I cut the legs off them a while ago. I also had to sew a button on a work shirt (not formal work my farm shirt). A day later and both buttons are still on so that’s a success in my mind!!


Keeping checking in for updates to see how my year of not buying anything progresses, by then I may have learned how to darn socks and patch undies….or alternatively,

I might just be going commando by the end of the year!!


Till next time…