Month One of Being a Guide Dog Dog Puppy Raiser

The Next FEW Weeks

So the girls are back at school so Zabel will have to start coming to work with me from this week.

We were told that as pups they can only walk for maybe 5-10 mins at a time, so as my office was about 20 minutes walk. I looked at options on how to get there with Zabel as never realised they could only walk for short distances. I normally cycle to work and looked at putting her in the panniers and got voted down, then looked at fixing a milk crate to the carrier which would have been fine – also shot down. Then looked at one of those tricycle thingys – nowhere to park it though. A buggy was suggested as there was one getting thrown out up the street – I shot that one down. Can you imagine what I’d look like wheeling a dog in a buggy to work – eh no thanks!


So, in the end, I ended up driving and given how long it took it to walk to the short from the car to the office was probably a good thing as every tree, blade of grass, bin and what else happened to be on the ground had to be either sniffed or chewed.

As the days go on you become more aware of potential hazards that are on the ground as you walk by like fruit from trees, chewing gum, tissues, plants, cigarette butts, bottle tops, dead cockroaches, live cockroaches, snails complete with shell etc. all manner of which have been taken or attempted to have been taken from Zabels mouth. When I say attempted some items she spat out thankfully – like the snails – we’ll never bring her to France so!


When we finally did make it to the office there wasn’t much work done that first day as Zabel got so much attention and so many photos. She seemed happy enough to be there and was fine with all the attention.


So far so good….