Guide Dog Puppy Raising Month 2

So my last post finished with “So far so good”…


Well, this week at the office has been a completely different experience as Zabel is getting a bit bigger and seems to require more stimulation ie my attention. Which means it is getting increasingly difficult to get work done as she keeps jumping up on me and barking.


Monday was really stressful as I had an intern start and she sat at the desk next to me where Zabel normally sits – so Zabel was not happy with this and kept jumping up and biting me. As I work in a shared co-working space this meant I had to keep leaving the office to bring her for walks as I thought she may have been distressed and wanted a quick quick but no she didn’t.


On one of these many outings, there were two women standing at the bus stop outside the office having a chat and a cup of coffee, Zabel went up and sniffed one of the women’s bare legs she got such a fright she jumped and spilled her hot coffee over the other woman’s arm. While it was quite funny they didn’t see the funny side of it – I did apologize and explain that she was only a puppy and they were standing right outside the door which made it difficult getting out – she wasn’t having any of it and was pretty pissed off.

So off I walked as she was getting rather annoyed, the last I heard was her calling me “Malaka” as I walked down the street…


On getting back to the office I had a meeting with my business mentor who offers advice for my digital marketing agency. Its normally quite a casual affair so he said bring the dog into the meeting room and we can chat. Zabel would not stop jumping up on me and biting me – she then proceeded the have the biggest wee I have ever seen her doing right in front of us. (We had just been for a 10-minute walk and nothing, not a quick quick in sight).

So that was the end of that meeting….


On getting back to my desk Zabel was going off her nut barking, I was then asked to leave the office – all in all a rather stressful day.


So no intern the next day so I’d thought we’d try again and see if it was the intern taking her spot and vying for my attention that caused all the trouble yesterday.


The day started off well I let Zabel have a wander around the office as she seemed quite calm – normally I have her on her 5 metre lead so she can wander around but no too far.


She was playing with her toys then would have a little wander get a few pats then come back again…a few minutes later I hear “Oh the smell” and all this activity. Zabel had wandered into somebodies meeting and proceeded to crap on the floor in the middle of their meeting. Jesus Christ – it stank – no wonder they ran out of the meeting room.


So there I am cleaning up dog poo from the carpet and the hallway – (not sure why she decided this time to go in two places) when the business mentor from yesterday walks by and asks sternly “Are you still cleaning up after that dog?”


Needless to say, I wasn’t the most popular person in the office – so I tried to make it up by bringing in cupcakes instead of the dog the next day.


This meant having to leave Zabel at home during the day and one of us would pop home at lunchtime to feed her. We came home one day to having our very small flower bed dug up and so I have had to fence the flower bed off to stop Zabel eating the plants and digging up the garden.


Trump has his Mexican Wall we have our Puppy Fence.


I have since moved to a new office but have not been brave enough yet to bring her to the new office…