Why The Name: 8 Hour Week

For those of you that want to know where the name of the blog 8 Hour Week came from, well I’m a big fan of Tim Ferris and his 4 Hour Work Week. Having read his book a couple of times I have to admit that I’m no closer to working a 4 hour week than I was when I first read it a few years back.

However after I read it a few years back I registered the domain name 8 Hour Week as I figured it would suit those of us who couldn’t quite get to achieving Tim’s style of life – it would take us twice as long to do what he has done – so we’d have to work 8 hours a week.

 So while I do envy Tim supposedly working only 4 hours a week, I suspect he does a lot more than 4 hours a week, I feel I would get bored and would have to somehow fill the other 164 hours in a week.

But an 8 Hour Week I could probably cope with and could quite happily manage to fill my days with all manner of things that I am not currently doing – swimming, photography, more time with the kids, yoga!

In the meantime, my promise (to myself) is that I am going to spend 8 hours per week on this blog – no more no less!

It should also be a reminder for us all to

Spend  8 Hours Per Week With People You Love, Doing Things You Love…

When you think about it that is only an hour and a quarter per day, is that really enough time though to be doing the things we enjoy doing the most?

Answer in the comments below…

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