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Who am I?

A kind soul and a keen observer of life

Hey there thanks for stopping by...

This will probably be the most difficult page I write on this blog as I'm not one for talking much about myself - why then did you start a bloody blog you might well ask?

Good question to be honest...lots of reasons really. But I guess one of the reasons being I love a challenge...

I challenge myself to keep going with this blog, I have tried blogging before and gave up. I also challenge myself to see what and where this blogs leads to - will it ever get any readers, social media followers or earn any money or get me some freebies who knows?

I'm open to all offers though, specially to all car manufacturers who may be reading this - I am after a new car (preferably a family SUV - eh in black please!) so can I blog my way to getting a loan of a car for a year - that's the dream or should I make it my goal....

So hang on tight and check back often to follow me on my journey of blagging an SUV for a year....

For those who want to know more heres a bit more about me

  • My name is Brian
  • Married to Mrs G (sorry ladies - just thought I'd get that out of the way in case you thought I was a single dad :))
  • I’m a Dad to two great girls — The eldest who we shall call D1 is 14 while the youngest called D2 is 11.
  • We are originally from Ireland.
  • We live in  Sydney inner city.
  • In “real” life, I’m a online dude.
  • We love travelling, whether it’s a road-trip-for-a-day, a couples retreat or international family travel…count us in.
  • We love escaping to the country - I'll share where we go in a post.
  • Hobbies - playing soccer, dirt bike riding, horse-riding (until I fell off a while ago so still a bit nervous), can cook - but not often due to work committments, bit of a DIYer - I'll be sharing some projects.
  • Be careful - I have a sense of humour which I'll try to bring to you to brighten your day.
  • I’m passionate about sharing honest reviews related to all-things-family. Whenever I accept gratis products for reviews, or if I write a sponsored post, I’ll always be upfront about it

For those of you wondering where the name of the blog 8 Hour Week came from please read this post.





Advertising and sponsored posts may be available if your brand fits with mine. Please email me to discuss your vision and my rates!!


PS - If you're a car manufacturer and are offering a loan of an SUV for a year (ok 6 months then) then we are definite match made in heaven and I promise I'll say "I do..." LOL